What are Grades?

Grade A Refurbished

Our grade A products are sold as-new, therefore, will show very little or no signs of use.

Grade A
Grade B

Grade B Refurbished

Our grade B products will show light signs of cosmetic use, eg. minor scuffs, blemishes and marks. If the product has a glass screen (i.e.TVs, iPads tablets etc.) any small, light blemishes will be barely visible when the product is on.

Grade C Refurbished

Our grade C products will show heavier signs of use, ie. more visible/obvious blemishes, marks and scratches. If the product has a glass screen, there will be signs of use including visible marks and scratches. All of our products undergo a thorough examination/testing process to ensure they are in fully working order and graded correctly.

Grade C

Please note: Batteries are a consumable item and may need to be replaced within the lifetime of the product. We do test the batteries in our products to ensure they hold charge however we cannot guarantee that they will achieve factory battery life.

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